The Potential for OSPO++ to OSPO++ Cooperation

OSPO++ Policy, Governments & Agencies Working Group

OSPO++ was honored to host a very special global event on Institutionalizing Open Source and building new cooperation infrastructure. This special live 2-hour event was held at Hôtel de Ville (Paris City Hall) on November 8th 2021 exploring and showcasing the potential for OSPO to OSPO cooperation. This hybrid, in-person and virtual event, hosted distiguished speakers and discussion from around the world. The event was part of the third “Paris Open Source Global Forum”.

We at OSPO++, thank our partners City of Paris, Johns Hopkins University, and the St Francis Neighborhood Center of Baltimore for their leadership on Open Source, both from the point of view of the noun (IP/License) and the verb (Communities of People).

Accompanying the event is a case-study report1 on cooperation between organizations using Open Source. 3 institutions; 2 OSPOs; and 1 shared policy goal – supporting local constituents with impactful services.

  • St. Francis Neighborhood Center – Trusted community institution in Wesdt Baltimore, serving neighborhood constituents for more then 50 years, embarking on an innovative Smart Neighborhood Center digital transformation.

  • City of Paris – Paris is the largest city in the European Union, serving 2.7 Million Parisians, across 300+ city services, from its open source Lutece platform, and empowered by mandates for open source voted in by its elected officials.

  • Johns Hopkins University OSPO – JHU is the largest research University in the United States, and was the first to launch an OSPO. One of the primary missions of JHU OSPO is local community engagment and impact.

Session Materials:

OSPO++ Case Study1 – “Empowering Communities Worlds Apart – Deploying open source at St. Francis Neighborhood Center”

Full Session Video Recording (1h 41m)

Part 1: Welcome to OSPO++ Special Edition, Live from Paris City Hall (7 mins)

* Clare Dillon: Mosslabs & OSPO++ Facilitator 
* Jacob Green: Mosslabs & OSPO++ Facilitator 

Part 2: State of OpenSource in Europe (3 mins)

* Astor Nummelin Carlberg - Executive Director, Open Forum Europe & OSPO++ Facilitator 

Part 3: Cities and the Open Source Landscape (2 mins)

* Leslie Hawthorn - Senior Manager, RedHat OSPO & OSPO++ Facilitator 

Part 4: Keynote from Johns Hopkins University President (5 mins)

* Ron Daniels - President, Johns Hopkins University

Part 5: The European Commission OSPO (18 mins)

* Gijs Hillenius - European Commission OSPO
* Astor Nummelin Carlberg - Executive Director, Open Forum Europe

Part 6: International Collaborations: Nation State Governments, Open Source, and Gov Stack (17 mins)

* Heath Arensen - UN Foundation
* Tony Shannon - Ireland CIO Office, Head of Digital Services
* Leslie Hawthorn - Red Hat & OSPO++ Facilitator 

Part 7: City of Paris & Open Source (13 mins)

* Nejia Lanouar - City of Paris, Chief Information Officer
* Phil Bareille - City of Paris, Open Source Officer
* Clare Dillon - Open Ireland Network & OSPO++ Facilitator

Part 8: Historical Landscape of OSS and Gov’t (3 mins)

* Danese Cooper - Mosslabs & OSPO++ Facilitator 

Part 9: Case Study: SFNC, City of Paris, Johns Hopkins University (35 mins)

* Sayeed Choudhury - Associate Dean, Johns Hopkins Univiversity
* Christi Green - Executive Director, St. Francis Neighborhood Center
* Torbin Green - Operations & Program Director of St. Francis Neighborhood Center
* Mark Patton - Senior Developer, Johns Hopkins University
* Jim Martino - Senior Developer, Johns Hopkins University

  1. Special thanks to Red Hat’s Brian Proffitt, Bryan Behrenshausen, and Ruth Suehle, for interviewing stakeholders, telling the story, and putting the case-study together.  2